Waller Mill's Current Ministries

Life happens in community. By God’s grace, the church’s impact is made in and through communities. As such, we have various ministries for our children, men, and women to connect with each other for the purpose of learning, encouraging, and having fun. 



There are several small groups currently meeting throughout the week for the purpose of sharpening one another in the faith.  If you are looking to connect and grow with your fellow believers in a more intimate setting, these are excellent opportunities! 


Waller Mill Bible Church affirms the central role of parents in raising up Godly children and seeks to come alongside families by providing solid biblical teaching for our youth.  We welcome children to accompany parents during any of our meeting times, but realize this may not be desirable for every family and every age of child.  As such, we provide the following: 


Walking children through age four receive age appropriate gospel messages during the Sunday school hour and a safe environment to play during the main worship hour so that parents can focus on the message.  


Focused on children generally between ages 5-9, this class provides a fast paced, fun, and active approach to learning bible truth.  


Our preteen class serves ages 9-12. Teachers work with this age group to help them grasp foundational truths in a deeper way that remains age appropriate. At times, studies with this group parallels our teen and adult class to aid in family discussion.